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About St. Louis Insulation in Edwardsville and St. Peters, MO

St. Louis Insulation proudly serves Edwardsville, St. Peters, and the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.
Who We Are

St. Louis insulation is a family-owned insulation and energy efficiency contractor specializing in upgrading insulation, high-performance heat flow, and air management systems in residential homes.

Our focus is to provide premium comfort and energy efficiency services tailored for St. Louis area homeowners living in older homes.

Founded in 2010, St. Louis Insulation recognized the need for more efficient buildings in a historic city with significant climate challenges.

We realized that St. Louis offered a mesh of homes designed in a largely unregulated fashion, often built before the use of nationally recognized building codes and energy efficiency efforts.

We also realized that most local insulation contractors were focused on new construction work with a skillset geared towards meeting minimum building requirements over overall performance.

Recognizing the need for an alternative for existing homeowners, we completed certification training through the nationally recognized Building Performance Institute (BPI) where we earned our Building Analysts certification.

Through this training, we began to apply modern building modifications to existing buildings. This created tighter and more efficient homes while carefully balancing ventilation requirements needed for our legendary St. Louis weather changes.

To meet demand, St. Louis Insulation began offering advanced energy and comfort services full time. We also introduced our esteemed company mascots Penny & Parker Penguin to help spread the message!

As of 2021, St. Louis Insulation has performed over 2,000 insulation projects for homeowners. We are proud to maintain A ratings across all review platforms.

Throughout the years, we have seen competition come and go and we have stood on firm ground through politics and pandemics.

From soundproofing walls in Edwardsville, MO to administering insulation solutions to the greater STL area, we take pride in what we do.

Remember - your guarantee of service is only backed by strength of the company that offers it!

What We Offer

Many of the St. Louis area homes we live in today were designed before air conditioning existed or was commonly available. These homes were certainly built before high-efficiency comfort systems were introduced.

The result is modern high-efficiency climate systems installed in low-efficiency buildings.

St. Louis Insulations developed and established an approach to home comfort and efficiency, which focuses on modifying the areas of your home that provide the most impact for the least investment.

Our free inspections and assessments are provided by field trained insulation installers with experience working in homes just like yours.

Our direct exposure to insulation materials and methodologies of the past provides customers with a home insulation contractor that knows from hands on experience about what works and what does not.

Your St. Louis building analysts will make common sense recommendations using an established, proven, and objective proprietary assessment outline that focuses on obtaining results for our customers where we can viably do so.

We apply our unique combination of construction, climate, and building sciences to find the delicate balance between insulation, air infiltration management and moisture/vapor control.

Schedule a consultation today with St. Louis Insulation and experience firsthand why we are THE only contractor that offers St. Louis area homeowners

A Reputation Built on Results.

Our Approach

Our trained Building Analysts are NOT salespeople peddling theory or products. They are established installers with hands-on experience working in all ages, styles, and types of homes in the St Louis area.

We can provide a simple and easy insulation estimate for a specific project, or can work with you to assess, locate, and install entire home insulation systems.


Your Protection

St. Louis Insulation work is installed by trained payroll employees. We never use subcontractors.

We are fully insured with Commercial, Auto, General Liability, and Workers Compensation coverage.

We are vetted members with Spire Gas Company’s Insulation Program, which allows approved Spire customers to receive Low Interest Financing for our approved services. This is applied directly to your gas bill with no money out of pocket!

St. Louis Insulation has Form W-9’s and lien waiver forms available upon request.