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Weatherizing Your Home 

Home weatherization & air sealing is one of the most cost-effective & most often overlooked ways to make a home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Air leakage through windows, doors, walls, rim/ ban sill joists, floors and ceilings has been shown to increase heating and cooling costs by as 25%

Unsealed gaps and cavities in attics and crawl spaces bring unconditioned and unfiltered air into the living space. Sealing these air leaks will not only make your home more comfortable and energy efficient - it'll improve the quality of the air you breathe. Wherever possible, we use environmentally friendly caulks, expanding foam or insulation board, along with good building science to reduce the air infiltration in your home. 

In the typical home, as much as 25% of the heating and cooling dollars escape through the unseen cracks and gaps usually found in attics, basements, duct systems and around floors, doors, windows, plumbing, recessed lighting, and electrical outlets. It's like leaving a window open all year round.

Why pay for utility services that you might not need?

Our common sense approach to energy savings can help you save money and reduce your energy consumption. It's a win - win for you and the environment.  

Our experienced installers will work within your budget to increase your overall energy efficiency without trying to sell you products or services that you might not need. Most home owners start to see a return on their insulation investments within a few short months and experience increased levels of comfort almost immediately.

If you are  looking to reduce your heating & cooling costs then you should contact us today to set up a 100% free in-home assessment.

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