What Spray Foam insulation can do?

St. Louis Area Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Specializes in Retrofit Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Spray Foam has great R-value and superior air sealing capabilities. 

Air sealing your home will help stop air leakage and make your home more comfortable in any climate.

If you’re looking to maximize your energy savings and reduce your heating and cooling costs then you should consider air sealing your home with spray foam insulation today. 

While Foam Spray Insulation can be the right insulator it can also be expensive to install inside an existing home. 

Most companies use high pressure equipment to apply foam which may require that homeowners evacuate their home from 24-48 hours!

St Louis Insulation utilizes low pressure spray foam delivery formulated for smaller residential applications. This low pressure delivery allows homeowners to enter the residence in a fraction of the time of high pressure foam applicators. 

Insulating your existing home with Spray Foam insulation

Most Spray Foam insulation contractors specialize in new home construction. This is because high pressure spray foam equipment is designed to install foam in open cavities before the walls are finished. 

Established homes that have already been constructed propose a unique set of challenges when installing spray foam. 

For these applications, low pressure spray foam insulation can be used but the contractor must have special training in order to do the job right and to avoid potential  fire or structural damage. 

The St. Louis Insulation Difference

St. Louis Insulation is a skilled and established insulation contractor. This means that they have the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your insulation investment. Some insulation contractors in the Saint Louis area will use cookie cutter methods that might not necessarily work for your situation.

Our company is different because we make targeted improvements to your building envelope. We identify and treat your homes most inefficient areas and plug or fill those gaps with Spray Foam insulation

This allows you to utilize the air sealing capabilities of spray insulation without applying it to areas that won’t help you reduce your heating and cooling costs.