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Saint Louis Area Energy Audits

A home energy audit or energy assessment is the first step for the home owner that's looking to maximize their return on their insulation investment. If your a home owner and your thinking about making major upgrades or renovations to your home then you should consider getting an energy audit from a BPI certified professional before you do anything else. An energy assessment will identify your homes major sources of air leakage and help prioritize your needs to capitalize on your investment.  

Our company, employees BPI certified energy auditors that are specially trained to identify your home's most vulnerable areas. They will evaluate your home's overall energy efficiency by using sophisticated equipment, such as a blower door and infrared cameras. Upon completion you will be provided with thermal images and a detailed report that identifies your most problem areas. When used appropriately, an energy audit will  identify the most cost effective ways to improve your home's comfort and efficiency. 

St Louis Insulation uses state of the art technology and tools to diagnose your homes energy efficiency. Some contractors identify obvious sources of energy loss by visually inspecting your home and offering “blanket” solutions; St Louis Insulation utilizes the latest equipment to pinpoint the exact sources of air infiltration which allows us to target specific areas that require the most attention. St Louis Insulation uses infra-red cameras in combination with blower door testing in order to give you an easy to understand snapshot of your home's current needs. 

St Louis Insulation is a premier insulation contractor that has invested in their training of employees and test equipment to assure that your home is professionally sealed and insulated and to provide maximum energy efficiency and maximum return on your investment.  Customers of St Louis Insulation can opt to utilize our professionally trained installers or purchase our high quality insulation and weatherproofing products and have them delivered directly to your door! 

When it comes to service, reliability and professionalism, no one does it better then St. Louis Insulation. We offer a 100% free in-home assessment and have the experience and knowledge to get your next insulation project done right the first time. Ready to begin?


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