Energy Conservation Services

We help people in Missouri & Illinois conserve energy by reduce their heating & cooling costs

Making your home more energy efficient can be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reduce your heating & cooling costs. In fact making some small, targeted improvements to the key area of your home can reduce your heating & cooling costs by as much as 40%. St. Louis Insulation has the experience you need  to help you identify & treat your home's most inefficient areas. In just a few hours, our energy saving experts can make common sense recommendations to help you conserve energy by making your home more energy efficient, healthier and comfortable. 

Are you looking for ways to conserve energy at home? Are you looking for energy savings tips or Ideas? Making your home more energy efficient doesn't have to be about making sacrifices to your families' comfort.  You don't need to turn up the thermostat or sit alone, in the dark to save money on your power bill. Home energy conservation starts with proper levels of attic insulation. For maximum savings, spray insulating foam can be used in conjunction with blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation. This will reduce air leaks and make your home less drafty. Expanding foam insulation seeps into to cracks and voids and creates an air tight seal between you and the environment. If your wondering how to save energy at home then you should call St. Louis Insulation today. Our highly trained team of energy saving experts are BPI certified home efficiency experts.  We are trained energy savers that can help you save on energy without trying to sell you energy saving devices or products that you might not need.

Energy Auditing

The process usually begins with an energy assessment which will help identify your home's most vulnerable areas. Using our sophisticated equipment, we will identify your homes major sources of air leakage and provide you with a detailed report that prioritizes your needs. This report includes thermal images & equipment readings that will clearly and precisely outline our findings. From there, you can decide to do the recommended upgrades yourself, obtain estimates to get the work done by one of our professional contractors or perhaps a combination of both. If your looking to reduce your heating & cooling costs or considering making major home improvements like room renovations you should consider getting a complete home energy audit first. You will be glad you did. Energy audits, serve as an efficiency road map and you should not do major home improvements or purchase windows, siding or new heating & cooling equipment without getting one done.  To find out more information about St. Louis energy auditing services please click on the button below.

Energy Auditing Services 


Air Sealing 

Air infiltration is the number one cause of energy loss in American homes. Your conditioned air seeps through cracks and crevices in your floors, ceilings and walls and escapes to the outside of your home. This causes your heating and cooling system to run more frequently which increases your energy bills. The idea behind air sealing your home is fill those gaps & protrusions with expanding foam insulation that will slow down the air leakage & trap the conditioned air inside your living space where it belongs.

Due to air pressure, there is a natural flow of air that comes up through the basement, goes through the conditioned living space and exits out of the attic. This process is known as the stack effect. Since your home is not totally air sealed, the stack effect will cause air infiltration. During the winter months, the warm indoor air rises up through the building and escapes through the attic,through small gaps, ventilation openings, or unintentional holes in ceilings, like ceiling fans and recessed lights. The rising warm air reduces the air pressure the basement which draws cold air in through the basement doors, rim sill joists or other openings in your foundation. During the cooling season, the stack effect is reversed. In the summer, your cool air seeps out of the attic and is replaced by the warm outside air. This causes higher utility bills, a drafty home and an unsatisfied homeowner. 

Air sealing your home's most vulnerable areas of air leakage can reduce your heating & cooling costs by as much as 40%. Why pay for utility services that you might not need? Pick up the phone, contact our office and set up a free in-home consultation & start saving money today. To find out more information about our air sealing services please click on the button below. 


 Air Sealing Services



 Home weatherization or weatherproofing is the practice of protecting a building from the outside elements. Our highly trained weatherization professionals will find the wind and water leaks in your building exterior and make minor modifications that will help reduce your energy consumption and optimize your energy efficiency. From applying spray foam  to cracks in your building exterior to caulking around windows and doors, our BPI certified insulation professionals have the knowledge & know how to maximize your home's energy performance. If your looking for an honest & reputable insulation contractor that will make common sense recommendation to decrease your energy consumption then you should schedule a free in home consultation today. 

Home Weatherization Services