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Crawl Space Encapsulation 

If you are having moisture problems in your crawl space then you are experiencing a very common problem. One of the biggest changers s in building science over the past 10 years is that vented crawl spaces are no longer a good idea. Originally designed to allow moisture and humidity out of the crawl space, foundation vents actually have the opposite effect. In the summertime, foundation vents let the warm, humid air into your crawl space. When that warm, damp air cools off, condensation will form which causes your crawl space to become damp. This establishes the perfect growing conditions for mildew & mold. If you have ever been in a vented crawl space you this to be true. They are damp, dark and the air smells musty and moldy.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Over the past few years we have seen major advancements in building technology that make damp and dingy crawl spaces a thing of the past. The best solution is to completely close up the vents and control crawlspace moisture in more efficient ways. The moisture control pan used today involves making the crawl space a part of the conditioned space of the home. This means that the relative temperature and humidity in the crawl space should match the rest of the house.

Encapsulating the floor of your crawl space with a vapor barrier is the fist step in keeping your crawl space dry. When you combine crawl space encapsulation with adequate levels of moisture resistant insulation and air sealing you could instantly see a 20% reduction of your heating and cooling costs. The benefits of this treatment are quite significant; the relative humidity will stay below 60%, even when the outdoor humidity is much higher.

Other key benefits of crawl space encapsulation include:

  • Better air quality
  • Reduce the chances of costly repairs. Moisture rots wood and causes hardwood floors to buckle
  • Enhance comfort. Floors won't be cold in winter. House won't be muggy in summer
  • Make your heating & cooling equipment and ducts last longer
  • An encapsulated crawl space is an attractive selling feature

Saint Louis Insulation’s highly trained team of building performance professionals have the knowledge and know how to get your crawl space encapsulation job done right. To schedule a free in-home estimate please give us a call or click on the button below.


 Why Insulate & Air Seal Your Crawl Space