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Attic Insulation Removal

If you live in a home built more than 30 years ago or have a history of water, insect or wildlife issues there is a good chance that your attic insulation should be removed and replaced with new greener materials which provide better air quality and insulating power. 

Conventional loose fill and roll out insulation loses its insulating power over time because it relies on small pockets of trapped air. Gravity, dust, moisture, wildlife, waste etc. collapse these pockets over time diminishing the insulating power. 

From problems with water damage or smoke damage to problems with rodent infestation our company has the knowledge and experience you need to get that damaged insulation out of your attic.

Why Remove Old Insulation?

Water & Storm Damage - Water damage is one of the most common reasons to remove existing insulation from your attic.

Leaking roofs and condensation problems are common in attics particularly in the Midwest where we experience fierce storm events and quick temperature changes.

Condensation problems can exist because of poorly ventilated / circulated roof systems and improperly installed insulation. 

Water & moisture can ruin insulation, even if dried and can potentially lead to mold an mildew issues. 

Have a St Louis Insulation Attic Expert inspect your attic today.

Rodent Infestation - Old loose fill and roll insulation insulation can make a great nesting material for unwanted visitors.

Mice, snakes, squirrels, bats and raccoon's seem to love attics more than we do but the waste left behind by them can be damaging to our homes and our bodies. 

The waste can contaminate the insulation, cause it to settle and emit odor. The correct remedy is to prevent their access to the attic in the first place but over time, wildlife can win that battle. 

St. Louis Insulation can remove and dispose of the damaged insulation and treat the area with a Anti Bacterial / Fungicide coating prior to installing new insulation. 

Fire & Smoke Damage - Attic insulation is easily damaged by fire and cigarette smoke. Even if your insulation appears normal , loose fill, attic insulation will retain smoke odors that permeate throughout the home.

Smoke odor can be a very unpleasant.

For this reason, we recommend removing attic insulation that has been exposed to fire or smoke of any kind. 

St. Louis Insulation can seal the ceiling after removal with a variety of products designed to eliminate residual smoke odor!

Access for attic air sealing - When we remove insulation from your attic we will expose all the gaps, cracks and crevasses that open up to your living space from the attic.

If your looking to maximize your energy efficiency then air sealing your attic with a thin layer of spray foam insulation is the way to go. Air sealing your attic will dramatically improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality. 

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