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Add a Radiant Heat Barrier

We all know that it’s easier to keep your home cool at night but have you ever asked yourself why? Radiant heat is the answer. The sun produces a lot of infrared heat. Obviously, when the sun goes down, the radiant heat is drastically reduced. Even though the outside air temperature only changes a few degrees, your HVAC system doesn't have to work near as hard at night because the radiant heat has been eliminated.

Attic reflective barriers work the exact same way. Installing a radiant barrier is like having a huge shade tree covering your entire home. It deflects the infrared heat back outside, where it belongs. In fact, foil radiant heat barriers will deflect up to 97% of all radiant heat that comes in through the attic. As a result you could reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 25%, just by adding a radiant barrier to home.

How well radiant barrier insulation works depends on several factors. Generally the more roof surface you have, the greater the impact you will see. Ranch style homes often see the largest impact but almost any home can benefit from a radiant heat shied, one way or another. Remember, reflective foil insulation is like shade, so the more coverage you have, the better your results.

Installing a radiant heat barrier is one of the many steps that you can take to reduce your home's heating and cooling costs. When you combine the infrared heat protection of a radiant barrier with adequate amounts of blown-in insulation and one of our air sealing packages you will maximize your energy savings. It is not uncommon to see energy consumption rates cut in 1/2. Your home will also be quieter, less draft, less dusty and more comfortable. Ready to begin? Get stated with a free in home consultation today, 

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