Air Sealing Your Attic With Spray Foam

The attic is a dark and dingy place where you can find some of the largest opportunities to reduce your overall heating and cooling costs. Air sealing your attic with spray foam insulation before you install the proper amount of loose fill fiberglass attic insulation, can help stop most major air leaks and will help maintain the desired temperature throughout your home. This causes your heating & cooling system to work less which saves you money in energy and wear and tear. Combined with adequate amounts of attic insulation, air sealing your attic can help reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

St. Louis Insulation offers air sealing packages to fit almost any budget. Our basic air sealing package is included free of charge with any complete attic insulation project. This package includes applying expandable spray foam to large holes and gaps that are noticeable during the installation process. We look for the most common areas of air leakage like attic hatches, wiring holes and gaps around plumbing and fill those voids with expanding spray foam insulation. 

Our mid tier air sealing package is our most popular package and includes all of the services provided in our basic package but also addresses some of your homes most vulnerable areas. We will seal large holes around exhaust fans & fill the gaps around any duct work or vents. We will also fill the major voids in soffits that are open to the attic, where walls meet the attic floor, dropped-ceiling areas and under attic knee walls. Your biggest energy savings will come from plugging the large gaps between your attic and your conditioned living space.

Our premium air sealing package has been designed for customers who really want to maximize their energy savings. It takes the air sealing process even further by installing a layer of spray foam insulation to the attic floor. This will provide you with a water resistant, air tight seal between your attic and the conditioned living space. This is more common in new construction applications where insulation has never been installed. For retrofit applications, the existing insulation would have to be removed prior to applying an effective and complete air seal. If you’re doing a major home renovation project or have had fire or water damage in your attic, now may be the perfect time to air seal the entire space.

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