How an Energy Audit Can Help You Save A Ton of Money

November 11, 2015

How an Energy Audit Can Help You Save A Ton of Money

What is an Energy Audit 

An energy audit that’s preformed by St. Louis Insulation is a whole home evaluation of your home’s energy consumption.  Using state of the art equipment, our team of home efficiency experts will identify, prioritize and treat your home’s most inefficient areas. By making targeted improvements to your home’s envelope we can help you save money on products or services that you might not need. How much money we can save you depends on numerous factors but in most cases your return on investment can be measured in months not years.

Why Should You Get an Energy Audit from St. Louis Insulation

If the battery in your car needed to be replaced you wouldn’t take it to the mechanic and have them over hall the entire motor. Yet, that’s exactly what some other contractors in the St. Louis area would want you to do when it comes to upgrading your home’s heating and cooling equipment or insulation. These contractors will try to convince you that you should spend thousands of dollars by replacing your an outdated H.V.A.C. system or injecting spray foam insulation in to your exterior walls or replacing your perfectly good attic insulation with expanding foam. While these improvements couldn’t hurt, It could take over 10 years to recapture your initial investment. This works out well for the other contractors but doesn’t do a lot to help you cut costs. St. Louis Insulation is different because we consider your return on investment and promote treating your home’s most vulnerable areas first. By plugging the largest gaps first, you maximize your energy savings without paying for products that you just don’t need.

To find out more information about St. Louis Insulation’s Home Energy Audits please follow this link.You can set up a free in-home estimate or schedule your complete home energy audit directly from their website.