Are you thinking about adding insulation to your basement? Are you wondering what type of insulation you should use to insulate your basement? Installing the right type of insulation in your basement will reduce your heating and cooling costs and make your home more comfortable in any climate. A properly insulated basement can save you money & provide a dry, comfortable living space for years to come but it's important to make sure that you hire the right insulation contractor for the job.  

St. Louis Insulation is an experienced insulation contractor that specializes in retrofit insulation applications. This means that we have the knowledge and skills needed to select and install the right materials for your application. We offer a comprehensive line of basement insulation services for the energy conscious homeowner.  From insulating exterior walls with rigid foam board insulation to insulating and soundproofing interior walls and ceilings, our company can help maximize your energy savings and make your basement comfortable in any climate. 

A properly insulated basement will:

  • Minimize thermal bridging and reduce heat loss through the foundation.
  • Provide some protection against moisture intrusion.
  • Reduce interior temperature swings.
  • Reduce the potential for condensation on surfaces in the basement.
  • It is much less expensive to install than exterior insulation for existing buildings
  • Resists the threat of insect infestation.

Almost any insulation material can be used in your basement but it's important to make sure that moisture is addressed. Moisture control is particularly important for basements, because they are notorious for problems with water intrusion, humidity, and mold. That's why we recommend installing rigid foam board or spray foam insulation on exterior walls before installing them with fiberglass batts. This will help reduce condensation and prevent your insulation from becoming damp or moldy.